#applyingforuni part 1: choosing a degree

Some people know who they want to be long before they even go to high school (me). Others don’t have any idea even weeks before they start their university application. How to find out what courses should you apply to? There are a few things that can definitely help you with making a choice.


  1. Think about your interests

Do you like any particular subjects at school?

Is there anything that you like to do in your spare time and you’d want to study that at the university?

Have you participated in any project that sparked your curiosity in a certain area?

What activities do you spend a lot of time on?


  1. Consider taking a careers test

There are lots of free quizzes online that you can take. If you want to, you can get a more extensive and thorough — I did the Morrisby one which has several parts and can tell you a lot about yourself.


  1. Have fun with UCAS website

If you have a vague idea about the area you’d like to explore more, go to the UCAS website and play with it. Start narrowing down the number of possibilities by looking at various factors.

Course location

Do you like big cities or small towns?
Would you like to study in a certain country?
What about landform?

University Prestige

Do you care about it?

Course content

Here it get’s trickier. It’s best to have only 10-15 courses to do this search. Go to university websites and look up the course codes. Now you can compare what different places have to offer. Maybe you prefer more practical classes, or you’d like to study a certain module offered only at some unis? Is having a choice of modules important to you?

I hope that with these tips you’ll find a perfect course for you. Next week expect a new post in this series! Good luck!


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