Day in my life

7:00 am — Morning

I just woke up but I feel energised to start the day! I make myself a cup of bulletproof coffee and sit on the sofa. I sip on the creamy drink while skimming through the newspaper to catch up on the political and economic news from the world. I put on ‘My Chill Mix’ suggested by Apple Music so I have a nice background noise.

8:15 am — Mom’s office

Mom asked me to bring some documents for her, so I went to get those, doing a small grocery shopping on the way back. Luckily I rented a bike, as the bag, although with just a few items, is heavy.

9:00 am — Breakfast

Two sunny-side up eggs, a few pieces of bacon, half an avocado and a tomato will keep me fuelled for the training that I have later.

10:00 am — Shower

It’s way too hot outside. I don’t feel well when it’s over 25℃, and 33℃ is just too much. So, I hop in the shower and cool down before I leave the flat.

10:20 am — Responding to emails & browsing web

As I am air drying my hair and skin I browse through my email and try to declutter as much as possible. After that, I look at science websites and read a few articles to learn about new discoveries in ‘my field’. I also watch an episode of tv series on Netflix.

12:30 pm — Gym

I head out to meet my trainer at the gym. Today it’s arms, chest and back workout. After a short warm up on a bicycle, I move onto the mat where I roll my body on a blackroll. Then, I go to the weight lifting area where I am doing the core of my training.

2:30 pm — Shopping Centre

My friend has a training after me, so I go to the nearby shopping centre to eat an after-training meal and do some shopping.

3:00 pm — Starbucks

After walking around I make my way to Starbucks where I order an iced coffee with coconut milk. Since I have at least an hour to kill I take a sit at a table and work on a blog post that will be published in a few days. After 70 minutes Aleksandra (yeah, my personal trainer and close friend has the same name as I have) messages me that she’s leaving the gym and she’ll meet me shortly.

4:15 pm — Shopping with my friend

Right when we see each other we decide to head to get ice cream as an after workout carb shot. After that we go to ZARA and buy some nice clothes there. Both I and Aleksandra like to shop fast, so we head to the till after 15 minutes of browsing and trying on things. In the end, I buy a cobalt sweater and my friend doesn’t buy anything. Our next stop is a drugstore as we both ran out of the micellar water. We chat for a while and then we go catch a bus.

6:30 pm — Chores

I get back home and do some chores — unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning floors.

8:00 pm — Working on the blog

I go to a cafe in the city centre where I sit at a table outside and people watch for a while. Then I open my computer and finish writing the blog post. After proofreading and spell-checking I decide that I’ve done enough for today. I shut electronics off.

9:30 pm — Reading a book

I’m still in the cafe and I decide to read for a bit, so I order a small bottle of wine and dive right into the book. The air is still warm but it’s comfortable to sit in. I read for a while and then decide to go home.

11:30 pm — Evening routine and bed

I go through my evening routine and get into bed where I quickly fall asleep.

That’s a day in my life and what does yours look like?


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  1. Wow! Waking up that early is definitely not a part of my day, I don’t know how you do it 🤗


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